Gold Coast Surf Reports

Perfect Burleigh Heads Surf Firing Down The Line was once a great website where you could check the surf report and had a community of surfers that chatted in the forum.

We are currently investigating getting a new surf cam up and running. So please bare with us and in the meantime, check out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the reports updated?

Reports are updated 7 days a week. Afternoon reports are not always posted. Morning reports are generally updated between 7:30am and 8:30am. If an afternoon report is posted it's generally after 4pm and will be an epic session somewhere on the Gold Coast. We take the time to find good waves with people surfing and then wait for the action. With the quantity of content we edit up each day, the varying distances travelled each morning and the varying consistency of surf and swell sets, makes it impossible to provide an exact update time each day. Attempting to do so would jeopodise the quality of content and production.

What locations do the reports cover?

We cover all locations from South Stradbroke Island south to Cabarita. When the timing is right we also head to Byron and as far as Ballina for our surf reports. On a daily basis we will cover 1-3 beaches. Generally including a point break and a beach break depending on conditions. This gives our members a complete understanding of current conditions for both points and beachies on a daily basis.

What size are the footage files?

File sizes vary depending on how good the surf is. An average file size is 3MB which is about 1.5mins long. We always include 2-3 clips per day. Occassionally only 1 pending the situation. The format of our reports including surf footage are constantly being reviewed for improvement and may change at anytime.

Does BurleighCam get water footage?

No we don't currently gather water footage but we are working towards it.

Does BurleighCam cover the Sunshine Coast?

No we don't currently cover the Sunshine Coast but we are working towards it.